Precision from Germany

The Region Shapes the Company and its Workforce

We have consciously incorporated the link to our region into our company motto. The Bavarian Rhoen region and the town of Bischofsheim are important to meet the demand for "precision". Skillful people have since turned a simple workshop into a medium-sized business since it was founded in the year 1900.

In the more than 100 years since its founding, the company has repeatedly had to overcome difficult phases. The workforce remained loyal and connected, which was always the most important basis for getting back on track.

The specialists at MSB Schmittwerke are just as reliable when it comes to fulfilling customer orders on time and with the necessary care. The working time ends when the work is finished and not exactly the minute the regular time ends.

You can rely on exactly these qualities when placing your orders with MSB Schmittwerke. Our staff ensures that the promise of "Precision from the Rhoen" is followed by precise machines and parts from Bischofsheim. For MSB Schmittwerke, just the story being told never suffices. What counts here is what has been achieved!

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