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​IBS Mining and ​Tunnelling

Since 1971 we have been offering equipment for mining and tunnelling as well as conveyor technology. From 1994 under the name IBS Industriemaschinen-Bergbau-Service.

The following video from coal mining provides an impression of our Roadheader SM 130.

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Video: Operation of the SM 130 Roadheader in coal mining.

The ​​range of ​​services and ​​delivery ​​includes

- Roadheaders in the weight class 30-50 tonnes

- Explosion-proof control technology

- Remote controlled profile control (camera and sensor positioning of the machine) in hazardous areas

- Propulsion systems for the entire expansion-overhauls and used machines

- Spare parts, components and repairs

- World-wide customer service

Our powerful sector for control technology develops tailor-made systems in order to adjust the use of the machine exactly to the conditions of the mining site.

Sales, development and production of the high-quality products "made in Germany" can be found under one roof. Our own welding company and access to the high-tech machine Park of MSB ensure the highest quality standards. 

With our proven IBS quality, we supply customers worldwide with our track drive systems.


For about 20 years the IBS Roadheaders in coal and salt mining as well as tunnel construction have proved their worth. The 35-ton SM 130 Roadheader, delivered to Poland in 1995 and constantly evolving technologically, is still one of the most sought-after IBS products "made in Germany". 

Brand new in the market is the SM 150, in which we have added the proven and solid base of SM 130 to the latest technologies and the possibility of adapting our profile control system (PKS), with which we have placed the safety in the spotlight.

To approx. 70% we manufacture our roadheaders indoors, notably the complete steel construction, gearbox and shearers heads. For electrical and hydraulic components, motors and cylinders, we use high-quality components, which have proven themselves for many years.

Mining and ​tunnelling ​systems

Together with experienced and competent partners, IBS offers complete driving systems from a single source, with a wide range of additional equipment. These packages are tailored to the customer's requirements and enable optimum coordination of all interfaces. 

Typically, the packages along with the roadherders include:

- Conveyor system (e.g. belt conveyor)

- Ventilation and dust control systems

- Power supply (transformers, generators, switching devices, etc.)

- Remote Control systems

- Expansion equipment (anchor setting, extension sheets, working platform, sprayed concrete, etc.)

- Monitoring and transmitting

- Logistic equipment for material handling, supply trains, etc. (e.g. monorails)

- Orientation systems (profile control)

- Collision Prevention Systems

- Distance monitoring systems

IBS offers these packages for the customer completely from a single source. This ensures that the equipment is correctly matched to each other and to the conditions on site.

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