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Special Machines

We have grown up with metal and its almost unlimited processing and application possibilities. We know what matters when it comes to the engineering of machines. Since the early 1980s, we have been developing and building customer-specific machines for a wide variety of industries and applications.

Due to the intensive and direct exchange with our customer and a reliable instinct for the needs of the market, specific special machines and systems are created in close cooperation with the customer.

Our know-how secures your technological advantage!

Range of ​Products and ​Services

- Automation systems for the warehousing, tire and automotive supply industry

- Lime burning technology (joint venture)

- Clamping fixtures in the machine tool industry

- Devices for nuclear technology

- Test stands and measuring cells

- Other devices for various industries

Gallery Special Machines

Management and Sales

Jürgen Enders
Fon +49 9772 9111-800
Fax +49 9772 9111-774

Project ​Management

Michael Tulit
Fon +49 9772 9111-821
Fax +49 9772 9111-774

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